Problem Gambling and Help in Australia

Learn to prevent problem gambling before it becomes and issue with tips found here

A very small percentage of the population in Australia will develop a gambling problem and it’s not always just the individuals with the gambling problem that can be affected. Friends and family members and other people can also be affected by one individual’s gambling problem.

Controlling how much cash you spend in an online casino is much easier for some people to do than others and if you consider yourself to have an addictive personality or have previously experienced some kind of personal gambling problem, perhaps it would be a good idea to steer clear of online casinos altogether.

If you do develop a gambling problem, or if you have noticed that a friend or family member or someone else that you know has developed a serious gambling problem, the good news is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for these people. In Australia there are lots of problem gambling organisations that are there to help.

Know the facts so that you don't develop a gambling problem

  • Problem gamblers who know they have a problem should avoid gambling altogether.
  • Australian problem gamblers have access to numerous useful organisations (state owned and run by charities).
  • All of our top-rated Australian online casinos actively promote responsible gambling.
  • Gambling Help Online, Relationships Australia and Gambling and Gamblers Anonymous Australia are there to help.
  • Gambling Help, Problem Gambling and The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation are also there to help.
  • Free advice and support offered to problem gamblers by these non-profit organisations.
  • Take the free online questionnaires to find out if you have a gambling problem.
  • Impartial & friendly advice from professionally trained counsellors.

More info about problem gambling and help in Australia

Depending on how many of the following questions you answer yes to will determine how bad your gambling problem has become, so take a minute or two to read through them. Has gambling ever made you think about self-harming or wanting to commit suicide? Did an urge to win even more money occur, even after you won? When you lost, did you feel as though you should gamble some more to try and win back your losses as soon as possible? Have you gambled for longer periods of time than you originally planned to?

Did you ever gamble just to try and forget grief, sadness, loss or other woes in your personal life? Has gambling ever affected your personal reputation? Have you gambled on multiple separate occasions until you spent your very last dollar? Does gambling make life at home seem unhappy for you or for others? Have you ever been unwilling to spend your casino bankroll on everyday expenditures such as shopping or utility bills?

Have you ever borrowed cash from anyone just so that you can continue gambling? Have you ever thought about breaking the law just to finance your gambling? Have you ever wanted to gamble after receiving any kind of good news? Have you ever lost any hours in the day from college, university or from work because of gambling? When you lost, did you feel as though you should try and win back your losses as soon as possible? Has gambling ever made you careless when it comes to looking after yourself or any of your friends or relatives?

If you answered yes to just one or more of these questions, it could be that you have already developed a gambling problem or that you are on your way to possibly developing a gambling problem. Identifying that you have a problem is just the first important step that you can take and then actively trying to seek help is the next big step. The good news for problem gambles in Australia is that there are plenty of charitable organisations and equally as many state run organisations that are out there to help you.

These non-profit organisations tend to have 24 hour toll-free helplines available and their team of dedicated and professionally trained counsellors are there to offer impartial and friendly advice. You can also contact these organisations via email and some of them even now have live chat features that can put you in direct touch with a counsellor in a matter of seconds. You don’t have to give your name or your personal details and you can ask them anything you like. You can even browse through the problem gambling forums to learn what other people in the same situation as you are doing to resolve their gambling problems.

You can also find some useful problem gambling FAQ sections and questionnaires at these websites which can also help identify gambling problems without ever actually having to talk to anyone. Some of the most notable problem gambling organisations in Australia include Gambling Help, Problem Gambling, The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, Gambling Help Online, Relationships Australia, and Gamblers Anonymous Australia.

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